Writing for Rights

The second volume of Writing for Rights is an English translation of the research work of five alumni of the Basic Course for Human Rights Defenders, a collaborative project between ELSAM and Peace Brigades International to build capacity among grassroots HRDs working in remote Indonesian regions.

This book keeps the aim and soul of the first research compilation, to examine the daily issues faced by Papuans through a human rights lens. Pilipus Rohaba explores the difficulties faced by Papuan Dock Laborers in Port Numbay. Yohanis Mambrasar studies how the state represses Freedom of Expression for those who publicly and peacefully convey political aspirations. Maria Kapitarauw looks into the Impacts of Oil Palm Plantations on the Yeresiam Tribe in Nabire and how the presence of these companies has changed the social and physical landscape of the region. Waldine Meak presents research on the Water Crisis in Central Fakfak and its impact on economic, social and cultural rights, particularly towards indigenous women. And Eva Tadjo digs through how a Sago Factory Changed the Lives of the Kais People, particularly the ways that local women are trying to coexist with development projects in this region of West Papua.

The original Indonesian version of this book, Pembela HAM Menulis Seri II, and the first compilation published in 2017 (Writing for Rights: Human Rights Documentation from the Land of Papua), from can be downloaded from the ELSAM website: https://elsam.or.id/

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