The Importance of Protecting Personal Data for Company

ELSAM, JAKARTA – The rampant personal data abuse and the raised awareness of the consumers on the importance of keeping the privacy have demanded the technology companies to improve. They need to understand the regulations, principles, as well as the practices of personal data protection. Not only do they need to respect the consumers’ rights, but also to prevent them from being left by the customers.

The statement was emphasized by Abu Bakar Munir, Professor of Law of Malaya University and Malaysian Government Advisor for Data Protection in 2007-2010, in a session of Data Protection for Business training held by ELSAM in partnership with Law Faculty of Atma Jaya Catholic University, in Jakarta on Thursday (28/3)

He said that the companies must take action on personal data protection. According to him, the consumers’ trust today starts to fade as there are doubt towards the responsibility of the companies to protect their personal data.

“Though in Indonesia there has yet been a personal data protection law, companies can still follow the best practices of other countries in the world,” he affirmed.

According to him, the consumers’ personal data protection can prevent technology companies from economic loss as an effect of data hacking whose amount reaches around US$ 4,5 billion until 8,5 billions

One of the regulations of personal data protection which becomes the role model today is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effectively prevailing in European Union in 2019. according to the lecturer of Atma Jaya Catholic University, Dr. jur. Sih Yuliana Wahyuningtyas, GDPR is the most comprehensive personal data regulation at the current time.

“GDPR regulates that once the personal data is breached, the data user can take necessary action. In this regulation, data controller will also be given sanction when the data is leaking. So they cannot escape from the responsibility,” she said, at the same moment.

Government currently formulates Personal Data Protection Bill. As it is included as a priority in the National Legislation Program, it is an urgency for it to immediately  be endorsed.

Hendri Sasmita Yudha of Ministry of Communication and Informatics stated that today Indonesia has had a set of regulations at the technical level related to personal data protection. However, he added that a comprehensive regulation is still needed to protect the citizens’ personal data.

Personal Data Protection for Business Training was held to introduce the importance of personal data protection to business actors in Indonesia. The participants were from various business sectors, that is, from the telecommunication companies until law firm.

Being held a whole day, the training presented a number of experts from various campuses and representative from Ministry of Communication and Informatics. They are Prof. Abu Bakar Munir (Professor of Law of Malaya University and Malaysian Government Advisor for Data Protection in 2007-2010), prof. IBR Supancana (Professor of Law of Atma Jaya Catholic University), Dr. jur. Sih Yuliana Wahyuningtyas (Lecturer of Law Faculty of Atma Jaya Catholic University), Dr. Sintadewi Rosadi (Head of Cyber Law Center of Padjadjaran University), and Hendri Sasmita Yudha (Ministry of Communication and Informatics). The training was facilitated by Roichatul Aswidah, Commissioner of Human Rights National Commission for the period of 2012-2017.

Author: Miftah Fadli