Let’s fight for Human Rights with ELSAM

How to participate?

You can get involved in Human Rights advocacy with ELSAM in many forms in line with your expectations. You can support human rights advocacy by signing ELSAM’s petition, writing supported letter for ELSAM’s campaign, attending various ELSAM internship program or becoming translation volunteer for various publication and ELSAM’s activities. You can also help us by giving donation


1. Case Handling

ELSAM opens internship opportunity for law students, law graduates, or advocates in case handling who are willing to work together with ELSAM law team handling various human rights violation case, including applying for judicial review both to Constitutional Court or Supreme Court. This activity is including handling of cases, law research to support the case or legal advocacy, court supervision or another relevant activities.

2. Advocacy

ELSAM opens internship opportunity in the division of human rights policy advocacy. This activity is including campaign in a various form: lobbying, networking, and another relevant activities to support policy advocacy.

3. Research

ELSAM opens opportunity to do a team research in various human rights problems. Apprentices will get involved in every ELSAM research stages from making the outline to the research, discussions, and another relevant activities. Apprentices in this division are possible to get support in carrying out independent research and getting counseling during the research.

4. Documentation

ELSAM opens internship opportunity in the division of Human Rights Violation Documentation by creating documentation with ELSAM team. This documentation activity is including collecting data, data entry, human rights violation event analysis, and arranging human rights reports. Apprentices will get short training about various human rights violation documentation system, including particular skills such as interview techniques, basic techniques in photography, short video making, and others.


a. Student/Sarjana, Master or equivalent (non-degree will be considered)
b. Has a commitment to defend Human Rights
c. Available for at least 2 days in 1 week

Application Deadlines
Internship program is held annually for 6 months. Internship acceptance will be done twice a year, which are in the beginning of the year (January – June) and in the mid-year (July – December), or depends on special case settlements, certain advocacy or research with thematic topics.
Annual internship candidates should apply max. 1 month before the internship term starts.

If you are interested to attend internship program, please mind to send your application letter and biodata to email [email protected]

Apprentices for the division of case handling, should be law graduates or law students.



Translation Volunteer
ELSAM needs volunteer to do translation to support various advocacy activity. Document translation will be done from Bahasa Indonesia to English vice versa.
a. Has a commitment to defend Human Rights
b. Fluent in written and spoken English
c. Has a commitment to help the translation

This translation volunteer is according to time commitment that is provided by the apprentices. ELSAM has no deadline for the translation, but we highly appreciate every translation that is sent on time.

Work mechanism in this activity can be done without your physical present in ELSAM. Communication can be done through phone, e-mail or another communication line. ELSAM will send documents which are agreed to be translated. Volunteers will translate the documents and then send the translations back to ELSAM. ELSAM, if it’s needed, ELSAM will proofread the translations.

If you are interested to attend volunteer program, please mind to send application letter, biodata and a sample of your translation (the original text and translation) to email address [email protected]

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