Human Rights Performance of Local Government #3: The anomaly of Human Rights Embodiment in Kota Padang

ELSAM, Padang – As a city with 2 successive years (2015 and 2016) being awarded as Human Rights City by Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the participation of Kota Padang government to realize the human rights enjoyment for each individual under its region deserved to appreciate. Such condition actually showed as a measurement that the awareness on human rights issue is not only being discussed at the national or international level, but it also penetrates into the local/domestic level.

In relations with that, the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) currently conducts a data collection for the research entitled “Evaluating Human Rights Performance of Local Government” to six districts/city selected which have been entitled as Human Rights City by Ministry of Law and Human Rights, including Kota Padang. During 29 January – 7 February 2017, ELSAM’s researcher has conducted in-depth interviews and focused group discussion which involved various parties representing rights holders and stakeholders. The local informants assisting the researcher came from the representatives from local bureaucracy (OPD), academician from Universitas Andalas, journalist, and CSOs.

The advancement of human rights protection in Kota Padang can be seen from the massive prevailing regulations which are pro to human rights. Based on the data collected by Law Department of Kota Padang government, there are at least 14 local regulations and mayor regulations which are pursuant to human rights agenda. Those regulations are, among others, Local Regulation of Kota Padang No. 2 Year 2015 on Community Legal Aid, Local Regulation of Kota Padang No. 3 Year 2015 on Fulfillment and Protection of People with Disability, and Mayor Regulation of Padang No. 7 Year 2015 on Facility for Breast-feeding and Breast-milking.

However, in reality, the implementation of the policies still have obstacles. It started from the lack of socialization of the formulated policy to the low level of public awareness on the prevailing legal regulations. Another challenge to implement the human rights friendly regulations was also acknowledged by the civil society because the absence of exact limitation in translating the local values called “adat basandi syarak, syarak basandi kitabullah” embraced in Minang. Further, the challenge in implementing human rights friendly policy is on the ineffective monitoring mechanism to the issued policies. As an illustration, the building of pedestrian path for people with disabilities in several points in Kota Padang cannot be utilized effectively by the targeted because the street vendors have occupied the path.

Moreover, based on the observation and data collection process, in general, human rights enjoyment in Kota Padang still becomes an anomaly. Despite of the award given by Ministry of Law and Human Rights for two successive years, and several policies pursuant to human rights, there are obstacles in their implementation which hampers the actualization of human rights in Kota Padang itself.  [ ]

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