Human Rights Performance of Local Government #2: Kota Jayapura to Promote Human Rights at the Local Level

ELSAM, Jayapura – In 2015, Jayapura together with 131 district/city was awarded as Human Rights City, initiated by Ministry of Law and Human Rights. As the only city in Papua awarded, the entitlement can actually be an indicator to evaluate the human rights performance of local government. It is based on the decentralization system which provided constitutional space for the local government as the state representatives which closely interact with community in the fulfillment of human rights at the local level.

In the data collection for the research entitled “Evaluating Human Rights Performance of Local Government”, the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) conducted field research to Kota Jayapura, one of six selected district/city which have been awarded by Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The research was carried out on 14-24 January 2017 using the methods of in-depth interview and focused group discussion which involved various parties representing rights holders and stakeholders in Kota Jayapura. The invitees are Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) members of Kota Jayapura, several heads of city government office, academician from Universitas Cendrawasih, journalist, and CSOs.

The evaluation of human rights performance of Kota Jayapura government has close relations with the legal framework as the basis of local executive authority. In the context of Papua Province, the legal architecture which underlies the implementation of local government derived from two regulations, namely, Law on Local Government and Law on Papua Special Autonomy. Therefore, the implementation will bring the authority for Regional Autonomy and Special Autonomy at the provincial and district/city levels, related to the fulfillment of human rights for the citizen of Kota Jayapura.

According to Yusak Riba, academician from Law Faculty of Universitas Cendrawasih Jayapura, the obstacles from the state presence through local government of Kota Jayapura were the unclarity of the forms of special authority in the Special Autonomy. This influenced the distribution of special authority between province and district/city inclusive of enacting special local regulations or general local regulations as the basis of authority and formulation of working program.

“Initiative of Kota Jayapura government to do innovation in its working program targeted at the fulfilment of citizens’ rights might be hampered by the structure of regulations which underlie their authority. We know that there is Law on Special Autonomy in Papua since 2001 which cannot actually have no problem. One is the work distribution between the province and local government,” Yusak explained.

In general, the fulfillment of human rights in Kota Jayapura became the mandate of Special Autonomy, mainly to give protection and specifically target at empowering the natives of Papua. Naked girls show their body on webcam. Chat is system the operation of the site, actually, hence the second name – livesex with naked girls online, porn chat girls naked dirty talk for money. Models, guys or women install in their homes Webcams that show in free porn chat online their sex with the help of the Internet on your computer. Go to the porn chat and choose the most beautiful partner. Based on the budget allocation of Special Autonomy, there three fields which become the focuses of local government, namely, Health for 20%, Education for 30% and Transportation for 50% of Special Autonomy fund.

The mandate of Special Autonomy then contributes special color to the programs of Kota Jayapura government, such as scholarship for the natives of Port Numbay (native tribe of Kota Jayapura), health service for the Papuan natives through Kartu Papua Sehat (Health Insurance Card)  and the cooperation at the provincial level using Special Autonomy fund, as well as the discourse about the job opportunity distribution which prioritizes the Papuan natives in each company or place of work in Kota Jayapura.

Mariana Imelda Kabey, the member of Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) of Kota Jayapura evaluated that it needs the derivative regulation especially which can give protection to the community in the city. One example is related to policies on health and education access which is only limited to the derivative program from the provincial level. Another is related to the protection and distribution of job opportunities which become the bigger issues in Kota Jayapura considering the transmigration number in Kota Jayapura is relatively high, which further affects the risk of social gap.

“Several working programs were not innovative and right on target due to the legal void which underlies the authority of local government. For instance, related to the skill program, the opportunity was open to natives but the skill type only limited to driving, computer and sewing. This has not been fit in the custom and culture of Kota Jayapura people.” On the other side, the Head of Legal Department of Kota Jayapura government, Makzi Lazarus Atanay, states that the efforts to fulfill human rights of the citizen are available in Regional Human Rights Draft. Moreover, in term of human rights promotion, it does not need to establish new regulation but to execute the effective evaluation to formulate the right-on-target working program.

Apart form the complexity of legislation and working program, Marinus Yaung, academician from Faculty of Social and Political Science of Universitas Cendrawasih, mentioned that the respect and protection of citizens’ rights in Kota Jayapura should begin from the official apology from the state on human rights violations occurred in Papua land. The apology will be the momentum for the citizens of Jayapura to participate in the programs managed by local government.

“There was still aggravated trauma of the children of Kota Jayapura to see their parents killed in front of them and live under the threat of military violence during the Military Operation Zone (DOM) in Papua. Government shall apologize for that. Thus, people will sympathize and start to be open and participate in the government works,” Yaung explained through the phone call on Saturday, 21 January 2017. [ ]

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