Enhance the International Legal Framework to Protect Human Rights from Corporate Abuse

We, the signatories to this joint statement,

Welcome the establishment at the 26th Session of the UN Human Rights Council of the “open-ended intergovernmental working group on a legally binding instrument on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights, the mandate of which shall be to elaborate an international legally binding instrument to regulate, in international human rights law, the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises” (res 26/9). We call on all civil society organizations and States to actively and constructively participate in this process.

We are convinced of the need to enhance the international legal framework to protect human rights in the context of business operations. We are also mindful of the urgent need to improve access to justice, remedy and reparations for victims and to stop corporate human rights abuses. The treaty process complements other instruments and initiatives in the field of business and human rights.

On the process and participation of States and civil society

There is a large and growing group of human rights organizations, social movements, affected communities and other civil society organizations involved in this process. The strong mobilization at the time of the Human Rights Council decision to start this process gathered more than 600 signatures (from at least 90 countries) in support of a Joint Statement and ensured the presence of numerous national and international organizations in Geneva in June 2014.

With regard to the procedures to be followed by the Intergovernmental Working Group, it is important from the outset that the ground rules ensure full transparency and enable a participative process towards the elaboration of this legally binding instrument.

The process of elaboration of the prospective treaty should address the needs and realities of people and communities whose human rights have been infringed, or are being threatened, by corporate conduct.

We call on all States to actively participate in good-faith and constructively in the development of this treaty. States and the IGWG should safeguard their integrity from undue influence by actors from or related to the private sector whose primary interest in the process falls outside the objective of promotion and protection of human rights.

The existing rules for the participation of observers with ECOSOC status in the Intergovernmental Working Group should be applied. Special attention should be given to the participation of representatives from communities and organizations of people affected by transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

On the format, scope and content of the treaty

We reaffirm the content of the Treaty Alliance’s Joint Statement adopted prior to the decision of the Human Rights Council of June 2014. A new phase starts now with the establishment of the open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group and the preparations for its first session on 6-9 July 2015. With a view to achieving meaningful progress at this session, we consider that the following elements must be discussed:

    1. The treaty should require States to adopt legislation and other measures requiring TNCs and other business enterprises to adopt policies and procedures aimed at preventing, stopping and redressing adverse human rights impacts wherever they operate or cooperate. These measures should also cover business operations and relationships taking place in countries other than the countries where the business may be domiciled or headquartered. Companies should be subjected to appropriate sanctions for their failure to adopt such policies and procedures.
    2. The treaty should clarify the kind of company conduct that will give rise to legal liability (civil, criminal and administrative). Through this international instrument, States will have the obligation to translate these standards into national legislation and enforce them. Offences committed against the environment and impacting adversely human rights should be included. Provisions for international legal and judicial cooperation among countries should facilitate the investigation and trial of cases of transnational nature.
    3. The treaty should elaborate on the modalities in which TNCs and other business enterprises participate in the commission of human rights abuses, including corporate complicity and parent company responsibility for the offences committed by its subsidiary. Corporate legal responsibility should not exclude the legal responsibility of company directors or managers.
    4. The treaty should allow people with a claim access to judicial remedies not only in their own home States, but in all other States that have jurisdiction over the concerned business enterprise. The jurisdiction of national courts of these States should extend to deal with these cases separately and jointly, and effectively guarantee access to justice to the victims.
    5. The treaty should provide for an international monitoring and accountability mechanism. A dedicated unit or centre within the United Nations may improve the international capacity for independent research and analysis and for monitoring the practices of transnational corporations and other business enterprises. The needs and feasibility of a complementary international jurisdiction should be discussed.
    6. The treaty should contain provisions requiring States to respect, protect and facilitate the work of human rights defenders and whistle-blowers. The right to access to information of public importance and relevant to cases of business-related abuse should be guaranteed.

We consider that during the sessions of the IGWG there should be a full discussion about addressing businesses operating within a single State.

The enhancement of the international human rights system in relation to TNCs and other business enterprises is urgent and needed. We call on civil society organizations, social movements, affected communities and the public to actively promote locally, nationally and internationally the public debate around this process and mobilize for this treaty.



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6. ActionAid International
7. Africa/Europe Faith & Justice Nework
8. Afrikagrupperna
9. AK Rohstoffe (Working Group on Raw Materials)
10. Alola Foundation (IBFAN Timor-Leste)
11. Alyansa Tigil Mina (Alliance Against Mining-Philippines)
12. Amal Basha, Chairwoman for Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights ( SAF) Yemen
13. Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain
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15. Amigos de la Tierra- España
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17. APROLAMA Asociacion de Fomento a la Lactancia Materna
18. Arab NGO Network for Development
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21. Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de España
22. Asociación Profesional de Cooperantes
23. Assisi Foundation Uganda/Franciscan Prison Minisry
24. Association Marocaine des Droits Humains
25. Association pour la Promotion de l’Alimentation Infantile au Burkina Faso (APAIB / IBFAN Burkina Faso)
26. Association Tunisienne des Femmes Democrates (ATFD)
27. Associazione Culturale Pediatri
28. Asuntos Femeninos de Asocomunal Palmira
29. Attac France
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56. Centro de Estudios Ecumenicos A.C
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164. Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
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166. Global Policy Forum
167. Global Rights
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190. IBFAN Colombia
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200. Indonesia for Global Justice
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221. International Code Documentation Centre (IBFAN-ICDC Penang)
222. International Commission of Jurists
223. International Dalit Solidarity Network
224. International Federation of Business and Professional Women
225. International Federation Of Adult Rural Catholic Movements -FIMARC
226. International Platform against Impunity
227. International Presetnaiton Associaition
228. International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN)
229. International-Lawyers.Org
230. Irish Natural Forestry Foundation
231. Jeunesse Franciscaine de la RD Congo
232. Jordan Labor Watch
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242. Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa
243. Kampagne für Saubere Kleidung
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256. Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia
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267. Mad4yoga
268. Maison des Droits de l’Homme – Cameroun
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271. Medical Mission Sisters – UK
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273. Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM)
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281. Movimiento Franciscano Justicia y Paz de Bolivia
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283. Nazdeek
284. Neaniko Pediko Panepistimio Elladas (Youth and Children’s University of Greece)
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291. Observatorio de las Empresas Transnacionales Argentina
292. Observatorio del agua – Universidad nacional de la Patagonia SJB
293. OIDHACO – International Office on Human Rights – Action on Colombia
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297. Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society
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303. Peter Hirst
304. Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies
305. Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA)
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307. Policies for Equitable Access to Health
308. Poverty Elimination And Community Education ( Peace ) Foundation
309. Presentation Congregation Queensland
310. Pro Natura / Friends of the Earth Switzerland
311. PROMANI – Fundación Puertorriqueña para la Protección de la Maternidad y la Niñez
312. Red Europea de ONGs – Grupo Sur
313. Red Internacional de grupos pro Alimentación Infantil grupo Colombia
314. Rede internacional em defesa da amamentaçao IBFAN Brasil
315. Regional Watch fro Human Rights (RWHR) Inc.
316. Religions pour la Paix – Québec
317. Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
318. Réseau GATT-RN
319. Réseau International des Droits Humains
320. Salesian Missions
321. Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology
322. SASVIKA (Centre for Community based Health & Development)
324. Service Intercommunautaire d’Animation franciscaine
325. Sherpa
326. Sister Maryann Mueller
327. Sisters of Charity Federation
328. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Congregational Leadership
329. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Western Province Leadership
330. Sisters of Mercy(NGO), Mercy International Association: Global Action
331. Sisters of Notre Dame
332. Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
333. Sisters of Our Lady of Sion
334. Sisters of St. Francis of Savannah, Missouri
335. Sloboda v ockovani (Freedom in Vaccination)
336. Social and Economic Policies Monitor – Al Marsad
337. Sociedade Sinhá Laurinha
338. Society for International Development (SID)
339. Society Presentation Sisters of Australia and Papua New Guinea
340. Solidarity Sweden – Latin America
341. Solifonds
342. Souad Mahmoud membre de l’Union général du travail Tunisien et association Tunisienne des femmes démocrates
343. Sovereignty Intelligence Service©®
344. Stichting Baby Voeding (SBV / IBFAN Netherlands)
345. Sudanese Association For Baby / Mother Best Interest Action (SABA / IBFAN Sudan)
347. SÜDWIND e.V. – Institut für Ökonomie und Ökumene
348. Sustain US: U.S. Youth for Sustainable Development
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351. Swiss Section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ-CH)
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354. The Association humanrights.ch
355. The Democracy Center
356. The Ecologist
357. The Legal and Human Rights Centre
358. The Rules
359. The United Church of Canada
360. Third Rail Films
361. Torbjørn Monsen
362. Trócaire
363. UNANIMA International
364. Universal Rights Network
365. VENRO (German umbrella organisation of development non-governmental organisations)
366. Vereniging Begeleiding en Bevordering van Borstvoeding – VBBB (Belgium, IBFAN member)
367. VIA Don Bosco
368. Vicaria del sagrado corazón de Jesus – Vicaria del Sur
369. Vietnam Human Rights Defenders
370. Vietnamese Women for Human Rights
371. VIS – Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo
372. VIVAT International – Indonesia
373. VIVAT International – United States
374. Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia / Friend of The Earth Indonesia
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379. Women of Africa International
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1. A.A.T.M. Driessen
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64. Bernhard Völk
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109. Communier
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115. Damarys Crespo-Valedon
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122. Daria Shakisheva
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127. David Lee
128. David Samuelsdorff
129. David Sánchez Carpio
130. David Tomkins
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134. Deborah Loe
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163. Dr. Zakia Belhachmi (MENA) Specialist
164. Duarte de Souza Rosa Filho
165. Earth in Brackets
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190. Farhan Isaa Ahmed Al-Daboubi
191. Fatema Baheranwala
192. Fatima Morales Gonzalez de Viñaspre
193. Fearghal Duffy
194. Filipe Jorge da Silva Brandáo
195. Fr. Eric DINGUI, Capucin
196. Fr. Michael Peruhe, OFM
197. Francesca Restifo
198. Francis Neale
199. Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie – NAWAL BAKHOS
200. Francisco Diaz Heinzen
201. Francisco Javier Zamora Cabot
202. François Gaudard
203. Françoise Gaudeul
204. Francoise Undreiner
205. Frank Herms
206. Fred Brademann
207. Friedrich Wulf
208. Gabriel Hagai
209. Gabriele Koehler
210. Gabriella Bannò
211. Gary Lee Rose
212. Gemma Elwes
213. Genoveva Espinoza Santeli
214. Geoffrey Ernest Marsh
215. George Kent
216. Georgena Marsh
217. Georgene L. Wilson, OSF
218. Georgia Tsakiri
219. Gérard Caby
220. Germaine Mujing Tshibanda
221. Gesine Heller
222. Giampaolo Carboniero
223. Gianluigi Monari
224. Giglia Bitassi
225. Gillian Lewis
226. Gina Cosentino
227. Giovanna Fernandez
228. Giovannina Carta
229. Gisela Reich
230. Gitte Dyrhagen Husager
231. Gloria Ochoa
232. Gloria Quintero
233. Gordon Pickering
234. Gordon Shaw
235. Gregory Hewitt
236. Guenoun Abdelkader
237. Guettard Catherine
238. Guillaume Salaun
239. Gustavo Castro Soto
240. H. Schoute
241. Hamish Robert Haynes
242. Hannah Pilgrim
243. Harmien Meijer
244. Harriet Wood
245. Harriet Wood
246. Heather Ssmith
247. Heike Friedhoff
248. Helen Gardiner
249. Helen O’Neill
250. Helen Parry
251. Hendrik Becker
252. Henri-Paul Bronsard
253. Henry Sak
254. Herzog Michèle
255. Hicham Filali Zehri
256. Hilary Cooper
257. Hilary Shibata
258. Hillary Vermont
259. Hugh Andrews
260. Iain Coram
261. Iain Inglis
262. Ibrahim Kanalan
263. Igino Giani
264. Ingrid Lonsdale
265. Ioseba Amatriain Losa
266. Irene Marot
267. Isabel Tooda
268. Isabelle HUGUET
269. Ivanka Milanova
270. Ivette Gonzalez
271. Jaap S
272. Jacqueline Lavanchy
273. Jade Mariñas
274. Jairo García
275. James Biggs
276. James Mulcare
277. James O’Donovan
278. James Robertson
279. James Trickett
280. Jane Potter Craig
281. Jane Roberts
282. Janet Harbauer
283. Janine Melvin
284. Javier de la Cal
285. Jean Amar
286. Jean Marc Fauchez
287. Jean-Charles Côté
288. Jean-Michel Masson
289. Jeanne Hubert
290. Jeffrey Haller, OFM
291. Jennifer Brewer
292. Jennifer Langley
293. Jenny Brotherstone
294. Jenny Hillier
295. Jenny Roberts
296. Jens Hansen
297. Jessica Burke
298. Jim Malone
299. Joakim Olsson
300. Joan Foley
301. Joanna Collins
302. João Maria Nhimi
303. Johan Paxom
304. Johanna Hartmann
305. John Brusen
306. John Plowman
307. John Pritchard, Jr
308. Joonas Uotinen
309. Jorge Perdomo
310. Jos Mistet
311. José de Jesús
312. José Ignacio Esquíroz
313. José J. Gorrín Peralta
314. Joseph Foley, C.M.
315. Joseph Michel Fortiuer
316. Joseph Mishan
317. Josephine Germaine NDS
318. Joshua Wujek
319. Joyce van Heijningen
320. JPIC Kalimantan
321. Juan C Piedra
322. Juan Carlos Jaramillo Paipa
323. Juan Jose Dimas
324. Judianne Beltz
325. Judith Lynch
326. Judy MacDonell
327. Julie Rodgers
328. Julio Cesar Barreiro
329. Justice Pour Tous
330. Justin Furuta
331. Justine C. Church
332. Justine Robert
333. Justus Haußmann
334. Jyotisha Chacko
335. K. Olerud
336. Kakeeto Augustine Richard
337. Kalliope Gourntis
338. Karen Allen
339. Karen Bahr
340. Katarina Vidović
341. Kate MacDonald, MD
342. Kate Martin
343. Kate Thompson
344. Kate Winters
345. Katharina Ebinger
346. Katherine Baltazar
347. Kathleen Beavin
348. Katrin Mueller
349. Kay O’Sullivan
350. Kenneth Robertson
351. Kenneth Ruby
352. Kevin By
353. Kevin Queally, TOR
354. Kid de Winter
355. Kristen Lyons, University of Queensland
356. Kristin Slesazeck
357. Ksenija Klisura
358. L.V. Fajardo Vera
359. Lady Belinda BM Matic
360. Laura Claessens
361. Laura Dell’Edera
362. Laura Genco
363. Laura Vivanco
364. Laurence Blattmer
365. Lavina Faleiro
366. Leena Hasan
367. Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency
368. Lemeur
369. Leonel Casco Gutiérrez
370. Leonhard Plank
371. Leonor Hurtado
372. Les Roberts
373. Lesley Cameron
374. Lesley Johnston
375. Liam Bluer
376. Liam Godwin
377. Lida Lhotska
378. Lila Desiles
379. Lilia Maria C.Martins
380. Liliane Maury Pasquier
381. Lilly Issac
382. Linda Sammonds
383. Lisandro Diego Giraldez Alvarez
384. Lizette Johnstone
385. Loreto de Amunátegui
386. Louise Green
387. Lucía Mompradé Pascual
388. Lucy Klein-Gebbinck
389. Luis Campra
390. Luis Fernando Gómez
391. Luis Ignacio Rois Alonso
392. Luis Scungio
393. Luis Vittor
394. Luisa Mondo
395. Luisella Grandori
396. M Davey
397. M. Briels
398. Maamalifar M. Porekuu
399. Madeleine Herkes
400. Magda pittaro
401. Maggie Barrett
402. Maggie Eisner
403. Maggie Holdsworth
404. Magnus Arén
405. Magnus Egill Ruben
406. Manhes Françoise
407. Mara Bonacci
408. Marcela Gómez
409. Marcela Ochoa
410. Marco Baracca
411. Margaret Christine Nelmes
412. Margaret Meyer
413. Margaret P Casey
414. Margherita Locatelli
415. Maria Antonia Bogonez-Aguado
416. Maria Colim
417. María de los Angeles Acosta Faranda
418. Maria do Livramento Melo de Oliveira
419. Maria Elvira Renzetti
420. María Esther Ramírez Araya
421. Maria Lopez Parron
422. Maria Loreto Vargas-Cruz
423. Maria Luisa Zahonero
424. Mariagrazia Fasoli
425. Marianne McAleer
426. Marie Berré
427. Marie Bianca Order of Francicans Secular
428. Marie Courdent
429. Marie Jeanne Tsimba Bundi, FMM
430. Marie Müller-Koné
431. Marie Venner
432. Marielena Heinisch
433. Marina Jacobson
434. Marina Rea
435. Marina Skrabalo
436. Mario R Ramirez MD
437. Marion Mollard
438. Marissa Gray
439. Marit Erdal
440. Marjorie Boyle, Sister of Sion
441. Marjorie White, SSJ-TOSF
442. Mark Blume
443. Mark Hollinrake
444. Mark Lovell
445. Mark Shotter
446. Markus Kröger
447. Markus Ruhsam
448. Martin Black
449. Martin Marney
450. Martin Pritchard
451. Mary Clarkson
452. Mary E. Hamilton
453. Mary Kirkhoff
454. Mary P
455. MaryAnn Falbe, OSF
456. Matthew Baker
457. Matthew Crighton
458. Matthew Sutcliffe
459. Maureen Pryjma
460. Maureen Ravily
461. Maureen Watson
462. Maurice Barnes
463. Medical Mission Sisters Estelle Demers – USA
464. Melissa Pellicier Oetiz
465. Merja Kiiskinen
466. Michael Beaudoin
467. Michael John Sturley
468. Michael Kennedy
469. Michael Shaw
470. Michael W Evans
471. Michel Chiron
472. Michel Cugnot
473. Michel H. Martin
474. Michel Rocher
475. Michele Grandolfo
476. Michelle Hayward
477. Michelle Pressend
478. Mick McMahon
479. Miguel Fritz
480. Miguel Guillermo Padilla Castro
481. Miguel Martin Zumalacarregui
482. Miguel Urbán Crespo, Member of the European Parliament – Podemos, GUE/NGL
483. Mikael Jonsson
484. Minna Pappila
485. Miriam Mourey
486. Miriam Soto
487. Mirta Elena Machuca
488. Miss H Goddard
489. Mónica Carranza
490. Monica Malventano
491. Morag Carmichael
492. Mourad Errarhib
493. Mrs Suzanne Philipps
494. Nancy Mena Fernández
495. Nathalie Strassburg
496. Nemesio Juan Rodríguez Mitchell
497. Nestor Colombo OFS
498. Nicholas Deere
499. Nicolas Escalante
500. Nicole Henn
501. Nicole Weber
502. NoukontoHonorine
503. Nuria Pascual Gisbert
504. Nuria Ruiz Velásquez
505. ODG, David Llistar
506. Pablo A. de la Vega M.
507. Pamela Richardson
508. Pamela Shawcross
509. Paola Catalina Velásquez Carvajal
510. Pascal Aude
511. Pat Walmsley
512. Patricia A. Lowery, MD
513. Patricia Anne Bryden
514. Patricia Fox
515. Patricia Joan Gillie
516. Patricia Marlette Black
517. Patrricia Keiller
518. Paul Judges
519. Paul Moss
520. Paulina Gabriela Mogrovejo Renge
521. Pauline Percy
522. Pedro Ochoa
523. Pedro Villardi
524. Per Friberg
525. Peta Anne Molloy
526. Pete Abel
527. Peter C. Aman, JPIC OFM Indonesia
528. Peter Harney
529. Peter Johnson
530. Peter Vaessen
531. Peter Westoby
532. Petronilla Metzger, PBVM
533. Philip Baldock
534. Philippe C. Charrier
535. Phyllis Cole-Dai
536. Pierre Bisaillon
537. Pierre Bourguet
538. Pierre Thériault
539. Pierre Viau
540. Piet Nieuwland
541. Rachel Allen
542. Rachèl Gerrits
543. Rachel Marco-Havens
544. Rachel McNamara
545. Rachid Rachid
546. Raoul Kitungano
547. Raquel Jiménez Trujillo
548. Rebecka Pohl
549. Renato Cursi
550. Rene Arturo Flores Medina
551. Rennie Johnston
552. Richard Carder
553. Richard Chamberland, OFS
554. Richard Weir
555. Rita Gries
556. Robert Kaiser
557. Robert Peck
558. Robert van Ingen
559. Roel Palmaers
560. Róger Chaves Grijalba
561. Roger Monk
562. Roger Norton
563. Ron Ockwell
564. Ronald William Corbin
565. Rosalind Eccles
566. Rosalind Kent
567. Rosemary Anne Mason
568. Rosemary Cecilia Haley
569. Rosemary Ellum
570. Rosemary Glendinning
571. Rudolf Welter
572. Runita Borja
573. Ruth Malone
574. Ryan Burgess
575. Sabina Anokwu
576. Safia Griffin
577. Sally Baker
578. Sally Jane Robottom
579. Sampo Salonen
580. Santiago Ramón Abad Ruiz Diaz
581. Sara Bellisio
582. Sarah Brown
583. Sarah Hamilton
584. Sarah Mumford
585. Sarmad A Bashi
586. Sayenne Heijkamp
587. Schmitt Odile
588. Sebastian Jekutsch
589. Selvete Gerxhaliu
590. Sergio Conti Nibali
591. Sheilagh Martin
592. Shirley Stevens
593. Sian Cowman
594. Sicco van Sas
595. Silvana Nikolic
596. Silvia Noemi DIANA
597. Simon Banks
598. Simon Holledge
599. Sister Gloria Oehl
600. Sister Sandra Zorko
601. Soeur Thérèse Manzingo Enzongo FMM
602. Sonia Chaves Quiros
603. Sor. Rattanamanee Polkla
604. Sr. Audrey Doetzel, NDS
605. Sr. Lynn Kaum
606. Sr. Margaret Hughes
607. Sr. Nina Underwood,MMM
608. Sr. Nympha S. Que
609. Sr. Pauline Greenizan
610. Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM
611. Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM–IFC-TOR
612. Stefan Peipp
613. Stefan Reinhold
614. Stella Wood
615. Stephan Backes
616. Stephanie Gibaud
617. Stephen Leonard
618. Steven Franklin
619. Stuart Cox
620. Stuart Graham
621. Sue Pate
622. Sunil
623. Susan Mary Child
624. Susan Shimeld Kevern
625. Susann Vetma
626. Susanna Harutyunyan
627. Susanna Maccioni
628. Susanne Mackenzie
629. Suzanne Gentle
630. Suzanne Hadwin
631. Sylvie Langrée
632. Ted Greiner
633. Teresa Middel
634. Teresa Middel
635. Terry Isabelle
636. Tim Brazier
637. Timothy Marroquin
638. Tom Pengelly
639. Tom Schröder
640. Toni Eerola
641. Tor Udd
642. Traudlinde Aigner
643. Traudlinde Aigner
644. Tsjêbbe de Vries
645. Ullrich Schulze
646. Unai Fuente Gómez
647. Unen Alimange
648. Ursula M. Franklin
649. Val Harris
650. Valerie Gilbert
651. Veronica Sajbin
652. Vicky Cann
653. Victoria Logan-Coulsey
654. Vivian Wiseman
655. Walburga Kuepper
656. Walter Hoffmann
657. Weber
658. Wendy Boyle
659. Wendy Jackson
660. Wensislaus Fatubun
661. Widayati Semito
662. Wilbert Schouten
663. Wilhelmina Leistra
664. William Grant Annal
665. Wilson Kashiri
666. Yasmine Motarjemi
667. Yvette Chamberland