ELSAM Press Release: Human Rights Violation Resolution Reverse Agenda

President Joko Widodo has just recently announced the cabinet reshuffle – for the second time – which made public disappointed again on his political decision. Out of nine ministries, the President assigned General Wiranto – a suspected offender of the past gross human rights violation cases – as Coordinating Minister for Politic, Legal, and Security Affairs replacing Luhut Binsar Panjaitan. That decision was clearly a surprise to civilian struggle as well as a serious disavowal of Jokowi – JK Government on the commitment to protect, enforce, and fulfil human rights, as mandated in The 1945 Constitution, as well as in the political commitment of Nawacita.

On February 2003, United Nation (UN) under the Serious Crime Unit has indicted Wiranto, together with ex Governor of East Timor, Abilio Soares, and six other senior military officials, on a number of massacres and persecution throughout the Indonesian military invasion, during the period of the liberation of East Timor in 1999. At the same time, Wiranto is also suspected as the gross human rights violation offender of Tragedy of Trisakti, The 1998 May Riot, and Semanggi I and II as reported in the investigation initiated by National Commission on Human Rights.

The presence of Wiranto in President Jokowi ‘s government Working Cabinet shows that Indonesian Government is not serious and at the same time it obviously does not show the willingness to solve the past gross human rights violation cases. This fact against the spirit established by the international community, as mentioned by UN General Secretary in 2009 in the report titled ‘Peace building in the Immediate Aftermath of Conflict’ which emphasizes that combating impunity is essential in restoring peace and preserve the rule of law.

The assignment of Wiranto as Coordinating Minister for Politic, Legal, and Security Affairs again shows there is a contradiction in terminis, of which the term ‘law’ and ‘security’ could not be referred to Wiranto at all who has bad history in the past human rights violation cases. This political decision brings back the fear and worry of human rights enforcement, as well as goes against the statements mentioned in Nawacita, in the context of solving the past human rights violation cases as fairly as possible and in accordance with Indonesian’s goal for the future. In the Nawacita, the vision and mission of Jokowi – JK government, they promise to solve thoroughly the past human rights cases which have become political wedge for the nation. The remaining question is whether it is possible or not the whole agenda of solving the past human rights cases could be implemented if one of the suspected offenders is the one who has key position in solving the case.

To respond that situation, Institute of Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) criticizes Wiranto’s assignment as Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affair, and urges the President to re-evaluate his decision. This evaluation is necessary to ensure the resolution for the past human rights violation cases exist in the government of Jokowi. In addition to that, consistent commitments and actions that has been prepared in early days of the government is also fundamental in proving the legitimacy either socially, politically and morally to the government of Jokowi – JK, so that this government gain full support from the people (demos).

Jakarta, 28 July 2016