Gafatar Aceh Trial: Council of Judges Opened the Trial without Lawyers’ Presence

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

ELSAM, Banda Aceh – Banda Aceh District Court conducted trial for the alleged religion blasphemy case by Gerakan Fajar Nusantara (Gafatar) organization, on Tuesday (5/5). The fifth trial for such case, which began on 11.00 AM, was protested by the defendant’s legal counsels as the Council of Judges opened the trial without the presence of the legal counsels

“It is when all parties are present in the court room that the Council of Judges could open the trial and declare that it is open for public,” protested one of the defendant’s lawyers to the Council of Judges.

The fifth trial, with the agenda to examine prosecutor’s last fact witness, went on orderly as opposed to the previous trial, although around 100 visitors were those who resent the presence of Gafatar. (Read: Defendant’s Lawyer was Blasphemed in the End of the Trial).

In this trial, the prosecutor presented former Head of Education of Gafatar Aceh Lia Zaradiva and Dedi Saputra.

Previously, witness Lia Zaradiva had been presented by the prosecutor to provide testimony for one of the defendants T. Abdul Fatah. (Read: Claiming to be Coerced, Prosecutor’s Witness Revoked Police Investigation Report). In this fifth trial, Lia Zaradiva was presented to give her testimony toward other five defendants, namely, Ridha Hidayat, Fuadi Mardhatillah, M. Althaf Mauliyul Islam, Musliadi, and Ayu Ariestyana.

On her testimony, Lia Zaradiva once again stated that many of her statements in Police Investigation Report were made due to the pressure by the police. She also claimed that Gafatar is a social organization, contrary to what is being accused by the prosecutor that Gafatar is a missionary organization which spreads Millata Abraham’s teaching which was brought by Ahmad Mussadeq.

Whilst witness Dedi Saputra claimed that he knew nothing about prosecutor’s accusation on misleading teaching spread by Gafatar.

“I don’t know, I am only responsible to secure Honda (motorcycle) parking lot and the office’s security at night,’ he answered.

He also stressed that he knew nothing about messiahs, Millata Abraham, and Ahmad Mussadeq’s position in Gafatar organization. He only answered several Gafatar activities that he knew.

“What is wrong with blood donor, social service and sport activities?” he mentioned.

Previously, 6 people who are the committees of Gafatar were arrested by the Banda Aceh City Sub regional Police on January 7th 2015 due to an allegation of spreading Millata Abraham’s teachings. Those six people are: Head of Gafatar Aceh’s Regional Representative Council T. Abdul Fatah; Head of Gafatar Banda Aceh City Muhammad Althaf Mauloyul Islam; Deputy Head of Gafatar Aceh Musliadi; Head of Information of Gafatar Aceh; Secretary of Gafatar Aceh Ayu Ariestiana; and Ridha Hidayat. (Read: Due to Fatwa from MPU, Committees of Gafatar Aceh is put on trial).

The next trial will be conducted on May 12th 2015 with the agenda to hear prosecutor’s expert witness’ testimony.

Author: Yulfan, SH/Al Myzan
Editor: Ari Yurino