Claiming to be Coerced, Prosecutor’s Witness Revoked Police Investigation Report

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

ELSAM, Banda Aceh – Banda Aceh District Court conducted trial for the alleged religion blasphemy case by Gerakan Fajar Nusantara (Gafatar) organization, on Tuesday (21/4). The third trial for such case, which began on 11.00 AM was scheduled to verify the Prosecutor’s witnesses.

This third trial was done with two rounds, first was with the defendant being T. Abdul Fatah whilst the second round was with defendants being Head of Gafatar Banda Aceh City Althaf Mauloyul Islam; Deputy Head of Gafatar Aceh Musliadi; Head of Information of Gafatar Aceh Fuadi Mardhatillah; Secretary of Gafatar Aceh Ayu Ariestiana; and Ridha Hidayat

For witnesses’ verification for T. Abdul Fatah, Prosecutor prepared two witnesses namely, former head of education of Gafatar Aceh Lia Zaradifah and Secretary of Gafatar Aceh Ayu Ariestiana, who were also a defendant in this case. For such condition, defendant’s lawyer Muhammad Reza Maulana, SH filed a complaint regarding witness’ verification who was also a defendant in the same case.

“Pursuant to Supreme Court’s Jurisprudence, crown witness cannot be a witness,” he said.

The Council of Judges however dismissed such complaint and proceeded to the verification.

While for the second round, Prosecutor presented 5 witnesses who were also former Gafatar members namely, Zarahatul Jannah, Arina, Lia Zaradiva, Dewi Novita Sari and Sarah Rizqa. Due to time constraint, the verification could only cover witness Zahratul and witness Arina, pending the verification of the rest of other witnesses on the next trial.

In this trial which proceeded for approximately 5 hours, Prosecutor’s witnesses rejected and revoked the Police Investigation Report. They claimed of having been coerced and intervened when they gave their statement in the police.

“I revoke the Police Investigation Report and that the statement in this proceeding is truthful,” mentioned Lia Zadifah.

The same thing was also done by witness Zaharatul who stated that the verification in the police was completed until late night and coerced.

“We were investigated until late night and were coerced. So I didn’t really read the Police Investigation Report,” she explained.

Author: Muhammad Al Miyzaan
Editor: Ari Yurino