Capital Punishment: A Cruel Practice In Violation Of Humanity

Policy Brief - Hukuman Mati (English)_CFCapital Punishment: A Cruel Practice In Violation Of Humanity

Recently, the public was shocked by the policy of Joko Widodo’s government lifting the moratorium on executions. This choice of action runs contrary to the policy of the previous government, as well as global trends, that tend to abolish the practice of capital punishment. An Amnesty International report states that up to April 2015, at least 140 countries have implemented an abolitionist policy towards capital punishment (death penalty), either in law (de jure) or in practice (de facto). Only 55 countries still have clauses on capital punishment in their laws or still apply them. The lower number of countries that practice the death penalty is in line with the decline in the percentage of the implementation of the death penalty, which declined by 22% compared to 2013.

For a discussion of the policy and practices, the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (Elsam) will present several views on the implementation of executions based on the human rights perspective. We attempt to achieve a conclusion on whether executions can be a solution for the social order, or instead result in problems that can worsen the condition of human rights.

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