BIG DATA AND THE PRACTICE OF LARGE SCALE DATA COLLECTION IN INDONESIA: An Introduction To Understanding The Actual Challenges Of The Protection Of The Right To Privacy

Data have become a very valuable commodity, many institutions, both government/public and the private sector are vying to conduct data collection and mining on a massive scale. Data are generally generated through and by human activities, about humans, and for the purpose of understanding and ultimately managing and perhaps manipulating-engineering human and societal life. Data are constant sources of knowledge, and their uses have resulted in competitive advantages that are essential for anyone. Armed with the data collected, to be registered, sorted, verified, processed, and analyzed, which then produces a synthesis of information, the various kinds of information produced are then transformed into knowledge, which is then taken into consider-ation in decision making or policy making. This cycle is often known as the DIKW Pyramid (data, information, knowledge, and wisdom), which connects the process of data that is pro-cessed into information, analyzed into knowledge, and finally becomes a policy

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