The Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy,a human rights organisation, based in Jakarta, established since August 1993. To actively participate in the efforts to develop, promote and protect civil and political rights and other human rights, as mandated by the 1945 Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), has become ELSAM’s driving objective. At the outset, ELSAM’s spiritual commitment was to develop a democratic political order in Indonesia by empowering civil societies through advocacy and promotion of human rights.


1. Mainstreaming Human Rights Into Policy Making Process Integrating human rights principles in every policy making process, such as :

  • Providing input and recommendation to the legislative bodies and government.
  • Formulating critical review through various policy briefs toward the proposed bills.
  • Monitoring the legislative function of the parliament.
  • Providing technical expertise assistance for governmental agencies.
  • Conducting strategic engagement with multiple institutions.

2. Study And Production Of Human Rights Knowledge In Support Of Policy Advocacy

ELSAM conducted various researches and production of human rights knowledge in order to stimulate the establishment of evidence-based human rights policies. The focuses of ELSAM’s studies are, inter alia:

  • Business and human rights: Analysing the impact of corporates’ operation to human rights, including fostering the creation of National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights.
  • Internet and human rights: Researching on the implication of information and communication technology advancement towards human rights protection, including but not limited to the issues related to governance of internet content, data privacy protection, communication surveillance, and cybersecurity.
  • Development of human rights city: ELSAM is actively involved in the development of human rights city, by empowering local government in exercising their mandate in fulfillment of human rights.

Apart of research activities, ELSAM also routinely publishes its Human Rights Report, Human Rights Journal “DIGNITAS”, and Human Rights Documentation Analysis “ASASI”.

3. Encouraging A Fair And Dignified Settlement Of Past Human Rights Abuses

ELSAM is intensively promoting the adoption of transitional justice approach in order to resolve cases of past gross human rights violations. This was aimed to ensure justice and reparation to the victims be served, as well as to prevent the recurrence of the crimes in the future, by:

  • Promoting policy that revealing truth and reparation.
  • Supporting the institutional reform, particularly law enforcers and security institutions.
  • Assisting victims’ organisation in order to strengthen their advocacy capacity.
  • Representing the victims in litigation process for cases of past human rights abuses.

4. Human Rights Education

As part of its promotion and capacity building for the actors, ELSAM continuously convened human rights training, for example:

  • Annual Human Rights Course for Lawyers. With more than 450 alumni, they have seated in strategic placements in multiple civil society organisations, governmental agencies and law offices across Indonesia.
  • Tailor-made training programme with thematic subjects, for example, management of gross human rights violations cases, human rights in conflict area, freedom of religion and belief, and strengthening the capacity of law enforcers.
  • Training that promotes the utilisation of human rights based approach to the policy makers, including local government and business sector.



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